This machine is designed to harvest celery in all circumstances.

  • At the front of the harvester, 2 stainless steel torpedoes are attached to lift the leaves. This ensures an ideal grip of the clip bindings on the celery.
  • Under the clip bindings, a moon-shaped knive cuts the roots of the cellery. This knive is adjustable in height with a spindle.
  • The leaves are clamped within 2 uv-resistant cellular rubber clip bindings (for harvesting celery with leaves) or dentated belts (for harvesting celery without leaves). The speed of the clip bindings is variable adjustable
  • The sides of the turnip celeries are cleaned with 2 peeling cylinders with rubber fingers.
  • The leaves are cut at the desired length by a set of crenate steel knives. In option, 2 brushes can be fitted to remove the leaves faster.
  • For industrial harvesters, the turnip celery is transported to a container by a bended sieve web. This conveyor can be lifted hydraulicaly to limit the drop height.
  • For fresh market, the celery is transported to the container with a flat sieve web. The container stands on a hydraulic revolving forklift, so the dropping height is always minimal.
  • The machine is standard equipped with a double hydraulic pomp and independent hydraulic system. The cylinders are controlled with a cobra joystick in the tractor.
  • Standard large wheels with a cross sectional profile.
  • All engines are variable speed controllable.


  • Assistant traction at right side (wheels with traction profile)
  • High-speed knive for cleaning of turnip celeries
  • Axial roll bed to remove ground and leaves, suitable for fresh market (turnip celery without leaves)
  • Automatic depth control
  • Set of double brushes to remove cutted leaves.
  • Taylor made conveyor for harvesting onto trailers, free height of 3.5m